December 2016 Newsletter

This is a publication of the Galesburg Road Runner’s Club, a
non-profit organization dedicated to promoting running as a means to
good health, self-satisfaction, improvement, and fellowship in the
Galesburg and Knox County area. Membership is open to all individuals
regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin, or ability. Galesburg Road
Runner’s Club is a member of the Road Runner’s Club of America.
Galesburg Road Runner’s Club meets Sunday mornings at 7:00AM at Get
Swole(was Max Performance) for 7 – 12 mile runs.

This newsletter is printed the first of every month from April thru
October and then in December and February. You are invited to send
us your letters, articles, photos, and ideas. You can email them to or mail to Julie Shaver, PO Box 594, Galesburg, IL 61402.

Equipment rental: Anyone wanting to rent club equipment should
contact Glen Gustafson (309)342-1964. Rates: Chronomix: 10 cents
per runner, minimum $15.00, Clock: 10 cents per runner, minimum $15.00.

Visit us on the web Club address: GRRC, PO Box 1174,
Galesburg, IL 61402-1174

Send your race results to Julie Shaver, PO Box 594, Galesburg, IL
61402 or email

Board members:
President: Teresa Thompson (309)371-8500
Vice-President: Steve Helms (309)351-7956
Secretary: Julie Shaver (630)901-9180
Treasurer: Doug Slaton (309)289-8614
Member at Large: Patty Gustafson (309)342-1964
Equipment: Glen Gustafson (309)342-1964
Fun Runs:
Turkey Trot: Doug Slaton (309)289-8614
Railroad Days: Ron Wilson (309)368-5890
CSC: Glen Gustafson (309)342-1964
Newsletter: Julie Shaver (630)901-9180
Web: David Shaver (309)368-1539

Saturday, January 21, 2017
6pm - 8pm
Side Trax
441 E. Main St.
Galesburg, IL

Pay your dues at the banquet:
$10 for on-line newsletter
$15 for mailed newsletter


CSC Sandburg Challenge 2M Galesburg 4/16
Dorothy Venturi 43:39 2nd

Steamboat 4M/15K Peoria 6/18
Dorothy Venturi 4M 53:06 1st

Bix 7
Troy Bird 57:52

Run for Life 5K Metamora 8/6
Sandy Theobald 43:31 1st

McC’s 5K Wenona 8/12
Sandy Theobald 39:23 1st

Old Settler’s Day 5K Brimfield 8/13
Sandy Theobald 40:? 3rd

New Windsor Rodeo Run 2M/4M 8/20
Teresa Thompson 2M 15:35 Overall
Jeremy Randolph 4M 31:03 3rd

Zoo Run 5K Peoria 8/27
Sandy Theobald 40:15 2nd

Hog Day Stapede 4M Kewanee 9/3
Sandy Theobald 53:40 1st

Fall Festival 5K Delavan 9/5
Sandy Theobald 40:14 1st

Shoreline Classic 5K Decator 9/18
Sandy Theobald 40:21 3rd

Strides for Justice 5K Peoria 9/24
Sandy Theobald 44:28 3rd

Cornbelt half-marathon 9/25
Troy Bird 1:59:02

5K Chilicothe 10/1
Sandy Theobald 37:23 1st

Largomacinos Cocoa Beano 5K East Davenport 10/29
Jeremy Randolph 23:03 6th

Halloween Hustle 5K Washington 10/29
Sandy Theobald 40:59 1st

Turkey Trot 5K Galesburg 11/20
Julie Shaver 37:15
Jeremy Randolph 22:02 1st
David Shaver 36:38

Folepi Festival of Lights 4M East Peoria 11/26
Julie Shaver 45:43
David Shaver 44:24

Run the Woods 8K Trail
Troy Bird 41:42

St. Xavier University Homecoming 5K
Teresa Thompson 24:15 1st

Stearman 5K
Teresa Thompson 25:25 2nd

12/4 Reindeer Rambler 5K Moline
12/31 Hardcore Kewanee

A new list of the 2017 grand prix races will be sent at a later date.

Patty Gustafson 123
Sherri Matuszyk 52
Julie Shaver 64
Sandy Theobald 106
Teresa Thompson 101
Dorothy Venturi 104
Troy Bird 137
Glen Gustafson 113
Jeremy Randolph 131
David Shaver 61

Grand Prix rules
Race: 10 points
Half-marathon or Marathon: 15 points
First place(overall or age group): 2 points
Placing: 1 point
1 point for circuit PR(3 per distance)
Must volunteer to work at one GRRC race:
4/16 Charger Challenge Carl Sandburg Race
6/25 Railroad Days Race
11/20 Turkey Trot
Awards to anyone with 100 points or more

Christian Hensley 20:08
Alex Buchen 20:30
Dawson Hensley 20:45
Theresa Brokaw 21:01
George Garner 21:28
Stanley Melkumian 21:33
Lorenzo Moreno 21:50
Alex Moreno 21:54
Jeremy Randolph 22:02
Bruce Tracy 22:07
Ashton Hensley 22:09
Julie Haronik 22:23
Brad Buchen 22:25
Ron Custer 23:14
Claire Hall 24:28
Bob Madison 24:46
Darryl Carr 24:49
Megan Soria 24:57
Patty Gustafson 24:59
Regina Theobald 25:10
Glen Gustafson 25:27
Frank Bay 25:31
Elizabeth Floersu 25:34
Allison Kopp 25:35
Kiersty Corzatt 27:07
Lucas Miles 27:11
Steve Evans 27:24
Jennifer Garner 27:35
Jessica Moore 27:44
Cameo Johnson 27:51
Elyse Lenz 28:17
Amanda Corzatt 28:18
Jamie Parish 28:35
Jean Soria 28:36
Patricia Eklund 30:13
Peggy Carr 30:45
Alice Melkumian 30:52
Jordan Garner 31:02
Sandy Madison 33:02
Joy Baker 33:16
Christopher Scoggin 33:21
Primo Moreno 34:41
Stephanie Pano 34:43
Lynette Weis 34:46
Stacy Marshall 35:31
David Shaver 36:28
Cheryl DeToye 36:47
Julie Shaver 37:14
Sarah Horr 37:14
Kathleen Elliott 41:02
Miranda Perry 41:26
Dan Parish 42:02
Sandy Theobald 42:25
Josie Parish 43:17
Sandra Dunphy 44:38
Marcy Simkins 44:41
Tom Simkins 44:42


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Phone (______) ______-_________

Date of Membership_______/_______/___________

Mail with check for $10 Online $15.00 for direct mail to:
Galesburg Road Runners Club
Post Office Box 1174
Galesburg, Illinois 61402-1174

Julie Shaver
P.O. Box 594
Galesburg, IL 61402-1174